Offshore & Maritime

When a person is injured on water – whether at work or in recreation – a special group of laws applies to his or her efforts to recover for damages caused by the negligence of another. These laws are varied and they are mostly federal, but state courts are often involved. Such statutes as the Jones Act, Death on the High Seas Act, Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, Longshoreman and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and many others, add to the General Maritime Law of the United States to provide for recovery for Maritime Personal Injury.

In many of these cases, the right to a full recovery depends on the injured person’s knowledge of the fine points of these laws and his or her ability to “fill in the blanks” properly in order to proceed. It truly is an area of the law in which one false step can lead to catastrophe. Without the guidance of knowledgeable counsel, most injured people are not able to navigate these uncharted waters.

If you have been injured while working offshore, these laws probably apply to you. If you have been injured in a pleasure boat accident, Maritime Law probably applies to you as well. Because this area of the law is extremely specialized, it is crucial that you be represented by a lawyer with extensive experience in cases involving Maritime Personal Injury. At Palmintier Law, we have been involved in this area of litigation for over 35 years. Whether in cases involving injury aboard movable drilling rigs, ocean going vessels, cruise ships, casino boats, work boats, or small pleasure boats, we have represented the working man and the weekend mariner in need of protection against financial disaster.