MRGO Update: Groundbreaking Decision by Judge in MRGO Case

Attorneys Michael and Josh Palmintier were members of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet case trial team which was successful in the litigation of Hurricane Katrina-related damages caused by the negligence of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

After a nineteen day bench trial, Judge Duval issued a landmark decision ruling against the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The court held that the negligent maintenance of MRGO caused damages to the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard Parish.  Five of the six plaintiffs are to be compensated in amounts ranging from $100,000 to $317,000.  The MRGO Litigation Group issued the following statement: “We are pleased with Judge Duval’s ruling in this historic case. This decision is one step on the long road to recovery for the people of New Orleans. It has been proven in a court of law that the drowning of New Orleans was not a natural disaster, but a preventable man-made travesty. The government has always had a moral obligation to rebuild New Orleans. This decision makes that obligation a matter of legal responsibility.”

It is important to point out that Judge Duval’s decision is subject to the appeals process.  Palmintier Law and the consortium of attorneys working on the case will continue to provide updates on the MRGO proceedings as they happen.

Link to NOLA article.